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United Propane In Baldwin Park California

United Propane has the lowest prices for propane in Baldwin Park.

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Propane Supplier in Baldwin Park California

United Propane is proud to serve Baldwin Park and surrounding areas. Whether you need to fuel your business, warehouse, or residence, we’re your partner in power:

United Propane: world-class service at the lowest price - Guaranteed!



Safety training

& certification

Forklift fuel



*Same day

service available

Emergency load

within 4 hours

Friendly customer


Propane VS Natural Gas In Baldwin Park

  • Propane tanks aren’t connected by widespread gas lines and are more safe

  • Natural gas has higher toxicity than propane

  • Propane is not damaging or toxic to the environment

  • Propane is more efficient and cost-effective than natural gas

  • Creating the infrastructure to support natural gas is very expensive

  • United Propane offers convenient delivery and safe installation

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United Propane Reviews In Baldwin Park California

“I switched to propane in 2019 for both my home and business. It’s nice to have a provider that covers all the bases and handles both accounts. They’ve always been friendly and knowledgable when I have questions or need them to come out.” - Gene Y.


“Their people get back to you quickly. They respect if you’re having a last-minute issue. I never feel like I’m being put off or given the run around with United Propane. I think of them as friends as well as service providers at this point. If you can imagine, my old supplier actually made me feel guilty for needing help. Glad I switched!” Maryanne S.


Our team of professionals is prepared to have you up and running in no time. Fuel your life, power your workplace, and build better with United Propane.

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