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United Propane In Anaheim California

United Propane has the lowest prices for

propane in Anaheim.

Get your FREE QUOTE now and lock in your money-saving rate!


Propane Supplier in Anaheim California

United Propane is proud to serve Anaheim and surrounding areas. Whether you need to fuel your business, warehouse, or residence, we’re ready to serve you:

United Propane: world-class service at the lowest price - Guaranteed!



Safety training

& certification

Forklift fuel



*Same day

service available

Emergency load

within 4 hours

Friendly customer


United Propane means reliability, convenience, and affordability. Contact us today. We’ll create a custom power plan that’s perfect for you!

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United Propane In Anaheim California: WHAT WE DO

  • Flexible, convenient propane delivery

  • Custom power strategies for your business

  • Tank recertification

  • Tank installation & site survey

  • Tank repair & maintenance

  • Easy-to-access, top tier customer care

  • Fueling your auto fleet and warehouse equipment


United Propane Reviews In Anaheim California

“My experience with United Propane is that they are reliable and consistent. I don’t have trouble getting through to them or getting hold of the people I need. When their technicians come out for installation, they make sure things work before they leave. Friendly and reliable is my experience.” - Jack R.


“I have called United Propane on more than one occasion and the people they have answering the phones are very informative. I did have to request a service person to come out and fix a leak and replace a bad piece. To be honest, I was shocked how low the price was. The service man also made sure all my questions were answered. Very pleasant appointment.” - Sharon W.


Our team of professionals is prepared to have you up and running in no time. Fuel

your life, power your workplace, and build better with United Propane.

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